Policies and Procedures

All class/event enrollment requests (Recreational Trial Class, Recreational Active Class, Make-up Class, Special Events, Parties) are submitted online through your GCEG Customer Portal and are processed in the order they are received. You will receive a confirmation email after we process your request. If you do not receive a confirmation email, we did not receive your request. In this case, contact GCEG. 



Your child(ren)’s first class is called a Trial Class and it is FREE! At the end of the trial class, go to the Front Desk to complete the enrollment process and payment. Your initial enrollment payment secures your child in the class (until you make a change, such as a transfer or a drop). Please make your initial payment no later than the deadline of 7 pm the day following the Trial Class, either at our Front Desk or on your electronic device. If payment is not received by the deadline, a new enrollment request will be required in a class that has an opening. After your initial payment, subsequent payments are due on the 18th of each month through GCEG’s auto-pay system.  To have your monthly payments processed through the auto-pay system, your charge card is required to be stored on your GCG Customer Portal. If payment is preferred to be made in another way, payment is due by the 15th of the month.


The GCEG Annual Registration/Maintenance fee is $45 for the first student/athlete, $30 for the second student/athlete, and FREE for additional students/athletes in your immediate family. The maximum annual registration/maintenance fee per family is $75. The Annual Registration/Maintenance Fee will be charged when you register and make your initial payment for classes/team. This fee is then due annually on each student’s/athlete's anniversary date. This annual fee is non-refundable.


Once your child(ren) is/are registered in classes, their enrollment(s) and tuition charges will continue automatically. if you choose to discontinue their enrollment(s), you must submit a drop request at least 24 hours before the last class through your GCEG Customer Portal. It will be processed by GCEG and you will receive a confirmation email. Contact GCEG if you do not receive your confirmation email.  It's the parent's responsibility to make sure GCEG receives a drop request to ensure charges and autopay processing are ceased.


We make every effort to accommodate make-up requests, however, make-up classes are a courtesy, not a guarantee. GCEG reserves the right to reschedule a make-up class. Make-up class requests are to be made for the student’s current class level (rather than any class). If a scheduled make-up class is missed without prior notice (phone call or email), the opportunity to make up for that absence is forfeited. June 1-August 31: make-up tokens are good for 30 days but enjoy unlimited make-up classes during the summer. September 1-May 31:  Parents of class students have 30 days to schedule and use their online make-up token after an absence. GOING TO BE ABSENT IN THE FUTURE? Please call us at 850-934-3990 OR EMAIL us at info@gulfcoastelitegym.com to let us know when your class student(s) will be absent so others can use that spot for a make-up class.